• Boldenon 250mg - 10ml

Boldenon is one of the products of Zhengzhou production, the most common in the arsenal of a bodybuilder. The preparations of this company were able to win the trust of representatives of all kinds of sports because of the high efficiency and affordable cost. The active components of this drug with proper use contribute to a set of high-quality muscles and increase power characteristics. Here you can buy Boldenon (ZPHC) 250mg 10ml. 

Characteristics of Boldenone

It is worth noting that this drug has received particular popularity among professional athletes, while lovers prefer to avoid it. I want to immediately dispel all doubts, since Boldenon with proper reception allows you to achieve good results, with minimal or even missing side effects. With this steroid, the athlete will receive:

• Increased appetite without a false sense of hunger;
• Increasing the level of red blood cells, which allows to increase the efficiency;
• Accelerated transport of oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues;
• Increased power performance;
• Accelerated set of high-quality muscles.

Judging by the numerous reviews of experienced athletes, with proper use of the drug almost does not cause side effects. But for this you need to strictly follow the recommendations of a specialist. Otherwise, the intake of the drug can provoke such side effects as suppression of the HGH axis.

The nuances of the application Boldenon

As noted above, taking the drug in accordance with the recommendations can avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions. Take the drug should not be more than 1-2 times a week, while the dosage should not go beyond the range of 200 - 600 milligrams.

Beginners get excellent solo results, while experienced athletes choose combined courses. Most often, athletes choose a combination of Boldenone with Oxandrolone, Testosterone Propionate and Masteron. In this case, the need to take anti-estrogen drugs disappears.

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Boldenon 250mg - 10ml

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