Steroid is very much appreciated in such a direction as bodybuilding, because it has good anabolic effects and allows to build muscle mass. After the end of the course, the phenomenon of rollback is insignificant, and the collected mass remains for a long time. It is also used by powerlifters, skiers, athletes and other athletes, as the drug increases endurance and strength. Due to this, training lasts longer and more intensively. With the right dosages, it gives the following results:

· Increase in strength indicators;

• qualitative growth of muscle mass;

· Increased appetite;

· Protein synthesis in tissues;

Increased venous circulation;

· Improved relief;

· The growth of erythrocytes, which saturate the muscles with oxygen;

· Increase of endurance level.

Before you buy Boldenon, you need to undergo a thorough medical examination, make sure there are no contraindications and consult with a specialist. After all the indicators are normal, you can start the course.

The average course can last 8-10 weeks. The substance remains active for 15 days after the injection. The optimal dosage for men is about 400-800 mg per week, for women 50-100 mg. It is better to start taking medications with small dosages, so that you can follow the reaction of the body.

Boldenone is used both solo and in combination with other steroids. If you need a good course of drying, it will be important to add Winstrol or Anawara. When you need a set of mass, testosterone or trenbolone is good. Post-course therapy is not required.
Reviews of Boldenone

Reviews about the drug are mostly good. Many athletes celebrate muscle growth, as well as a fairly high level of endurance and strength. Many people like that you do not need to do daily injections and enough one injection per week. Negative judgments can be heard from those who did not adhere to recommendations and dosages, which led to this phenomenon as a side effect. This is very rare, because the drug is relatively safe, against the background of other steroids.

Due to the fact that the drug is not highly prone to aromatization, it does not have such consequences as puffiness, gynecomastia and increased blood pressure. Admission of anti-estrogens during the course is optional. Resistance to 5-alpha-reductase, avoids alopecia, acne and other androgenic phenomena. It also does not greatly affect the production of natural testosterone.

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