• Cardarine 60x25mg (GW 501516)

Cardarine GW 501516 is a drug developed in 1992 to combat metabolic and cardiovascular ailments. The huge potential of the additive has not been fully disclosed, as the manufacturing company has stopped research. However, the study of the drug was continued by several other pharmacological enterprises, which still produce a product based on the original Cardarin.

Cardarine  is one of the representatives of SARM (selective androgen receptor modulators). It has a positive effect on the work of mitochondria, bones and muscles.
The drug prevents inflammation in the muscles and ligaments. Moreover, Cardarine belongs to a number of antioxidants: it speeds up the processes of toxin removal from the body and gets rid of excess subcutaneous fluid.
Another of the key dividends that the athlete receives from the course is increased endurance. It helps to increase the duration of physical activity and cardio sessions, which directly affects the final results of training.

But the main useful property of the drug is fat burning, or more precisely - the transformation of fats into energy reserves. As a consequence, the muscles become embossed and rigid, venousness manifests and the catabolic processes that are especially active during the diet are suppressed.

The appearance of such an incredibly strong drug in bodybuilding did not wait. Already in the late 90's courses using Kardarina enjoyed an enviable popularity. In addition, the tool demonstrated excellent properties in combination with other selective modulators. For example, in conjunction with Trenbolon, Cardarin not only enhances the effectiveness of the course, but also prevents all "pobochki" from Tren. More details about this we will describe below.

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Cardarine 60x25mg (GW 501516)

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