Cerebrolysin is a neuropeptide developed for treatment of head traumas, stroke and Alzheimer's disease. It consists of small biologically active brain proteins or peptides that help neurons to communicate with each other. Cerebrolysin is able to improve cognitive enhancement and memory capacity, to slow down the neuron damage that may cause the development of Alzheimer's disease. It stimulates protein synthesis and growth of new neurons. Cerebrolysin proved to be highly effective in treating other diseases like senile dementia, post-operative trauma, brain contusions, concussions, ischemic strokes, and other neurodegenerative brain disorders.

Cerebrolysin injection 10 ml x 5 vials 2150mg

Cerebrolysin® is recommended in cases of organic brain dysfunction, metabolic and neurodegenerat..

Cerebrolysin injection 5 ml x 5 vials 1076mg

 The drug Cerebrolysin at maximum doses of 10-50 ml should be administered by slow intravenous ..

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