• DMAA (Methylhexanamine) 60х50mg

DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine) from the company WestPharm displays the productivity of training in a near-earth orbit! An effective, inexpensive and safe stimulant of the central nervous system energizes and enhances mental focus. In training, DMAA makes it necessary to increase tonnage, complete more approaches and repetitions, thereby boosting weight loss and simplifying mass gathering.

The usual pre-training complexes include substances of vegetable origin, structurally similar to DMAA. The truth is that the stimulating effect is possessed only by synthetic dimethylamylamine, which can not be obtained from plant sources. If you want to go beyond human capabilities, you need synthetic dimethylamylamine!

DMAA from WestPharm is 50 mg of synthetic 1,3-dimethylamylamine in each capsule. In professional bodybuilding and fitness it is used during the drying and shaping of the muscular relief. Sports fans and people who want to improve the body composition, take DMAA to boost fat burning and increase the productivity of training.
How does DMAA work?

Dimethylamylamine does not affect the hormonal profile, does not enhance the production of thyroid hormones or adrenal glands. His target is the synapses of the central nervous system. Linking to specific receptors, DMAA increases the concentration of norepinephrine and dopamine in synapses, thereby stimulating brain activity. In this regard, the drug is several times stronger than caffeine.

Reception of DMAA before the training session sharpens perception, raises concentration of attention, improves mood and helps to tune in to the most productive training. Dimethylamylamine gives laser focus on every approach and helps to overcome exhausting sessions in one go.

Great influence of DMAA on metabolism. The drug has a powerful lipolytic effect - fat burning is increased by 169%! Impressive scale of the metabolic response - the intensity of the basal metabolism after training with DMAA increases by 35%. There is also a post-training oxygen consumption, that is, the effect of "afterburning" of calories within 24 hours after the training.
Application of DMAA in bodybuilding, fitness and sports

The main area of ​​application of DMAA in bodybuilding and fitness is the drying and relief drawing period. Dimethylamylamine increases energy consumption during and after exercise, and the more active and longer the fat oxidation goes, the higher the final result. For this reason, dimethylamylamine is also recommended to fitness enthusiasts who want to lose weight and improve the body composition.

In massaboraboroy phase for DMAA, too, there is work - it can and should be used to increase the efficiency of training and boosting muscle hypertrophy. Stimulation of the nervous system helps to recruit more muscle fibers, and the more myofibrils participate in contraction, the more anabolic stimuli generates each exercise.

Another key to rapid mass recruitment is a correct mental attitude combined with high endurance. Motivation, energy and performance directly affect working weights, training volume and time under load, and these are the main activators of muscle growth.

Representatives of various sports disciplines use the stimulating effect of dimethylamylamine. The limiting concentration of attention in combination with the surge of forces and the activation of internal reserves is valued in boxing and martial arts, football, hockey, cycling and track and field.

Men and women can take dimethylamylamine. The recommended daily dose is 50 mg, the maximum is 75 mg. Take DMAA better in the morning for an hour and a half before training.

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DMAA (Methylhexanamine) 60х50mg

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