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The peptide Melanotan II carries a molecular formula of C50H69N15O9. It also has a molecular weight of 1024.180. It can be confused on occasion with the peptide Melanotan I, although they are two different peptides. However, Melanotan II can sometimes by known as Melanotan 2 or MT-2.

How Melanotan II Works

According to scientific study based on animal test subjects, Melanotan II has been shown to work in conjunction with the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, which is otherwise referred to as α-MSH. This hormone, which is responsible for the regulation and control of hair and skin pigmentation, is secreted by the pituitary gland, the pea-sized gland located at the bottom of the hypothalamus at the base of the brain that is responsible for the regulation and control of several endocrine system-related processes, ranging from growth and metabolism to body temperature and blood pressure regulation.

More to the point, Melanotan II works to boost the production of a secretion known as melanin. This secretion is typically sprung to activity via exposure to ultraviolet, or UV, rays. When the secretion occurs, it is typically presented on the skin; a process which is scientifically referred to as melanogenesis. In essence, there are two components to this particular process:

It brings about a darkening of the skin’s pigment
It acts as a natural means of protection against the harmfulness of ultraviolet exposure
Ultimately, this twofold process acts as a safeguard against a host of skin ailments and afflictions that result from the extended exposure of ultraviolet rays. This protection extends to guarding against a host of different skin cancers.

However, scientific study on animal test subjects has shown that the half-life of the α-MSH hormone is very rapid, as it only lasts a few minutes. What this means is, its ability to secrete melanin and its inherent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays is rather brief. Yet it has been determined that Melanotan II’s functionality allows for an extension of α-MSH’s quick half-life. This then allows for a greater process of melanogenesis and darker skin to occur. What’s more, scientific study on animal test subjects has determined that the presence of the peptide can produce a boost in pigmentation even without the exposure to ultraviolet rays, which is something that would otherwise have to be present in order for the process of melanogenesis to commence. That being said, it has been noted that this instance of boosted stimulation has shown to be stronger when the ultraviolet rays are part of the clinical research process.

Additional scientific study on animal test subjects have also determined that the peptide’s presence can also be tied to other aspects of hormonal stimulation linked to the pituitary gland, such as elements related to libido and appetite.

Melanotan II and Cancer

Because of Melanotan II’s ability to stimulate the secretion of melanin and therefore protect against harmful ultraviolet rays, scientific study on animal test subjects has determined that the presence of the peptide can theoretically play a role in reducing the possibility of some skin cancers. The studies point to Menanotan II’s capacity to boost melanin production without ultraviolet rays present as a vital factor in allowing the body of an animal test subject to fend off the rays in addition to the secretion naturally being produced as a means of protection from ultraviolet rays. That being said, these studies also indicated that Melanotan II’s ability to produce melanin does not guard against all forms of skin cancer. Studies indicate that the deadliest form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, is not caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays; rather, it is chiefly induced by indirect DNA damage.

For Scientific Research Only

Despite the fact that there has been an extensive amount of research and study conducted in relation to Melanotan II and its overall functionality, operational mechanics, theorized benefits, and negative side effects, it should be noted that all of the research that has been conducted and the subsequent results from such research has been solely built around the scientific study based on animal test subjects. The peptide is only intended for the use of scientific study at this point in time. As such, any findings or observations that relate to Melanotan II’s overall functionality, mechanics, theoretical benefits, or negative side effects, should only be contained to the strict confines of a controlled environment such as a medical research facility or a laboratory.

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Melanotan II 10mg

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