NANDROLONĂ-D (Nandrolone decanoate200mg x 1ml x 10

Nandrolone decanoate Balkan is offered to buy on many Internet resources, which is due to the popularity and effectiveness of the long-known drug. When the body is exposed to significant loads for a long time, it becomes capable of self-release of nandrolone. Concentration in this case will be negligible, so athletes resort to injections of a time-tested steroid.

Compared with testosterone, the difference from which lies in the absence of the carbon atom at the 19th position, the value of the anabolic index is 1.5 times higher, and the androgenic index is three times lower. Aromatization in estrogens is almost not observed, it is five times lower than that of testosterone. Therefore, Nandrolone D is compared with progestins.

How does Nandrolone D work on the body?

They take Nandrolone D in order to smoothly build up a good musculature, powerful and bulky. Athletes prefer to inject the drug on long courses, but even a relatively short reception for four weeks allows:

increase muscle mass by seven to eight kilograms;

protect yourself from the appearance of pain in the joints, as taking the drug is accompanied by an increase in joint fluid, improving lubrication;

to achieve a longer and more productive work of muscles in connection with the increasing erythrocyte mass of blood, aerobic productivity;

strengthen the body's immune system;

increase libido and sexual activity;

Practically avoid a rollback after stopping the course.

Low-toxic drug Deca Balkan has positive reviews, is considered as a quick-acting and safe means, and is due to its spread.

How is it proposed to take the Balkan Decade

Buy Deck Balkan is easy, due to a long (two-week) exposure, the injection is made once a week. The most effective is the passage of two courses with a break between them. The duration of such a break is supposed to be set somewhat higher than the duration of the course itself.

On the solo course, the dose ranges from 200 mg to 500 mg, depending on the athlete's experience, age and weight. Beginners start with small doses, carefully watching how the body reacts. Experienced athletes believe that the greatest effectiveness in combination with the prevention of negative consequences can be achieved using various combinations. Use the combination of Deca Balkan, the price of which is quite high considering the large doses of reception, with:

sustanone (the most common variant);



testosterones and methandienone.

The possibility of side effects and their prevention through post-course therapy

It should be noted that the drug does not involve the development of gynecomastia and other phenomena associated with the effect of estrogens. Side effects occur, as a rule, when the dosage is exceeded. There are no unique features here, maybe appearance:



pain in the back;

decreased erection;

increased blood pressure;


excessive activation of the sebaceous glands.

The appearance of such problems is caused by the fact that about a fifth of the injected drug is associated with progestin receptors. It is noted that during the course, it is possible to avoid problems of this kind, using additional anabolic androgens.

To avoid undesirable side effects, it is necessary to adhere strictly to instructive recommendations and closely monitor how the body reacts to injections of the drug.

When the usual eight-ten-week course is taken, it is recommended to start the chorionic gonadotropin intake, starting no later than the fourth or fifth week.

In the post-course therapy accompanying the reception of Nandrolone D, also included since last week:

citrate clomiphene, restoring the natural production of testosterone;

Bromocriptine or vinstrol, or cabergoline, to reduce the secretion of the progestin.

Women receiving nandrolone D is not recommended.

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