• Ostarine / mk-2866 90x12.5mg

The main purpose of the development of this drug was its use in the treatment of muscle atrophy, as well as osteoporosis.

Ostarine (mk 2866) has an anabolic effect only on muscle and bone tissues, due to the fact that Ostarine (mk 2866) SARMs is characterized by high selectivity. It is thanks to this indirect influence that Ostanin does not make a change in the overall hormonal background.

Application Ostarol (Ostarine, mk 2866)

SARMs Ostarine can be successfully used in the treatment of various conditions, from muscle age atrophy (sarcopenia) to AIDS, cancer. In cases where the body is exhausted, Ostarine (mk 2866) makes it possible to minimize muscle atrophy during recovery periods from serious operations, or similar situations. The rate of Ostarin effectively preserves the muscle mass of the body, and can also stimulate its increase.

It is a stimulator of muscle growth like AAC, despite this, unlike testosterone and similar anabolic steroids, Ostarin is a completely non-steroid drug. It is not affected in any way by enzymes that promote the conversion of testosterone into compounds that have a negative effect on human health.


Ostarine Effects

- Stimulates the increase in muscle mass;

- There is no rollback phenomenon;

- Promotes fat burning;

- Strengthens the bones and improves the restoration of joints;

- Slightly affects the improvement of endurance;

- Ostarin's course evokes a feeling of general well-being.


The advantages of the Ostarin course

- Does not affect the axis of the pituitary-hypothalamus-testicles;

- Does not promote prostate growth;

- SARMs Ostarine is not inherent in aromatization;

- Slightly lubricates the joints;

"Ostarin does not need a pact;

"It's absolutely legal."

Ostarine / mk-2866 90x12.5mg

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