• Pharmabold 300mg/ml - 10ml

Pharmabold 300 (Boldenone undecylenate)  refers to anabolic steroids, the active ingredient is boldenone undisilenate, which was previously used only in veterinary directions. Its task was to ensure a lasting effect due to repetitions of the action of methandrostenolone. As a result, another steroid was obtained, which allows increasing a number of indicators. Pharmabold 300 is presented in the form of a molecule of dianabol, which does not degrade in the liver.

The effect of taking Pharmabold 300

Pharmabold 300 gives a strong anabolic effect like testosterone. Androgenic activity was reduced 2-fold. With the help of a steroid you can get a good muscle mass, which is why it is appreciated in different sports, and especially, and in such a direction as bodybuilding. Due to the fact that the drug is a long ether, it does not become active immediately and reaches its peak only on the 4th-5th week of the program.

Pharmabold 300, increases the growth of red blood cells, which increases endurance and strength, and it also improves appetite, which is especially important during the period of muscle mass gain. Compared with other steroids, it does not greatly affect the production of natural testosterone and is prone to very low aromatization, which significantly reduces the percentage of negative manifestations.

The use of the drug helps to increase the growth of red blood cells, saturating muscles with oxygen, which provides an increase in endurance, increase strength, improve appetite, build muscle. It also affects the stimulation of protein synthesis, the improvement of venousity.

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Pharmabold 300mg/ml - 10ml

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