• Pharmasust 300mg/ml - 10ml

Pharmasust 300 is a powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid of Pharmacom Labs, which is in great demand among experienced athletes. Its main active substance is a mixture of testosterone esters. Each of the ethers has a different disintegration period, which allows to ensure a constant concentration of the substance in the blood.

With its help, it is possible to increase power indicators, increase the growth of muscle mass and strengthen the body. Due to the correct combination of esters, the substance remains active for 2-3 weeks.

The testosterone complex Pharmasust 300, includes:

Testosterone decanoate 120 mg / ml
Testosterone isocaproate 72 mg / mL
Testosterone propionate 36 mg / ml
Testosterone phenylpropionate 72 mg / ml

The dosage is calculated in such a way that each of the components is consistently included in the work and has a long-lasting effect. Due to individual characteristics, the drug can be active for a month. Initially, the drug was used in medicine, in the treatment of breast diseases associated with oncology and delayed development of the musculature of the teenage category.

Now, the Pharmasust 300 is in great demand in various sports, especially in bodybuilding, powerlifting, power sports. Solo course of the drug, allows you to significantly increase weight and gain strength. The main effects of the steroid, we can consider: the growth of red blood cells in the blood, saturating the muscles with oxygen; anti-catabolic action; increased libido. With an increase in dosage, side effects may occur, accompanied by fluid accumulation, gynecomastia, an increase in the percentage of subcutaneous fat. These reactions are associated with the action of estrogens, which become active due to the susceptibility of the drug of aromatization. To avoid this, it is necessary to take anti-estrogens.

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Pharmasust 300mg/ml - 10ml

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