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Pharmatest E 300 (testosterone enanthate) - is a steroid that has strong properties. The main active substance of the drug is testosterone enanthate, which has a long period of action.

The substance can be active for 3 weeks, which makes it particularly popular in different sports. It is used in the period of muscle mass, as well as to increase the strength. Especially popular pharmacies are used in such areas as bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting and other power sports.

Testosterone enanthate, refers to long-acting steroids. This esterified form of testosterone is planted on the air, when injected into muscle tissue, is stored in the fat depot. Splitting of the substance occurs not immediately, but gradually is released into the blood. The drug is also used in medicine to accelerate the growth and proper development of boys in adolescence.

The effect of taking Phrmatest E 300

Pharmatest E 300 has a very pronounced androgenic activity, with an equally low anabolic activity. Part of the set of mass is due to the accumulation of liquid. On the other hand, this excludes pain in the joint and is very important for athletes with similar problems.

With the right course, the drug gives the following results: increase in endurance, a significant increase in muscle mass, an increase in strength, acceleration of protein synthesis, ensuring a positive nitrogen and phosphorus balance, increasing phosphorus balance, eliminating pain in the joints, accelerating regeneration, increasing growth erythrocytes, which saturate the muscles with oxygen.

The drug also eliminates overtraining; affects the formation of sexual characteristics of the secondary type, increases libido, eliminates pain in the joints. The substance is a molecule dissolved in oil, which is the first long-acting steroid created for its uniform entry into the blood.

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Pharmatest E 300mg/ml - 10ml

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