• Prima-Med (Primobolan Depot) 10ml - 100mg/ml

- Manufactured by Bioniche Pharmaceuticals
- In pack: 10ml (100mg/ml)
- Chemical Substance is Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan Depot)

Effects of Primobolan Depot and its advantages

This drug differs from other steroids by its mild effect and complete absence of negative side effects, therefore Primobolan Depot prefer to order for the course both male athletes and women. Its etheric formula has a long half-life, which allows you to inject less than once a week, which is certainly very convenient. Among other advantages of Primobolan Depot are:

Moderate stimulation of muscle mass gain (in this connection, it is often used during drying to keep the muscles from catabolism);

· Its injectable form is not toxic to the liver and other organs;

· Due to weakly expressed androgenic activity, practically does not cause aromatase processes;

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Prima-Med (Primobolan Depot) 10ml - 100mg/ml

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