• Primabolin 100

Primabolin-100 (Methenolone Enanthate) 10amp x 1ml:
Primabolin is a popular steroid injecting drug, the main active ingredient of which is methanol enanthate.

Great popularity and positive reviews of Primabolin are due to its powerful androgenic effect and poorly expressed side effects. That's why tens of thousands of bodybuilders decided to take advantage of this steroid and significantly increase their strength characteristics and muscle mass.

The action of Primabolin:

The active substance that causes the properties of Primabolin is a methenolone ester. This allows the drug to be one of the main steroids, allowing a fairly quick and qualitative muscle mass to be absorbed, increasing strength and endurance, which is perfect for representatives of all power sports.

The description of the properties of this steroid anabolic agent should be complemented by the following points: the steroid does not flavor and does not show progestagenic activity. It is thanks to this quality that manifestations of the preparation, such as fat deposition and accumulation of water, are minimal, and he has become so popular in sports since the invention in the middle of the 20th century. In addition, he has been widely used in medicine for many different types of oncological manifestations in women and delayed physiological growth in children and adolescents for many decades.

Primabolin: how to take

How to take such a steroid, you can find out at our specialized forum. It is worth remembering that the drug has a very long exposure to the body. Its action is in direct dependence primarily on the physical state and the state of the endocrine system of the host. The most reasonable dosage is about 200-1000 mg of drug per week.

The steroid is injective, so before you start using the drug, you need to know how to Primabolin . Experienced athletes recommend injections into the gluteal region, and the ideal interval between injections is 5-7 days.

The Primabolin course (10 ml) lasts from 6 to 10 weeks (in rare cases more than 10, with large weekly doses and longer adaptation of the body). The increase in strength and significant muscle growth are manifested fairly quickly, which is why many are determined to make a purchase. In addition, many note the increase in vitality, the addition of energy and the desire for sports. It should also be added that the drug is not converted into estrogens.

To find out how much this drug or its analogues is worth, it's enough to visit several sites. To great surprise, the cost of the drug varies significantly. Given that the active ingredient of steroid is relatively easy to access, the price for it on our site is not a bit overwhelming. The drug has gained popularity many years ago for the fact that it can easily be bought by most athletes.

At the same time, the cost of the drug fully corresponds to the rapid and qualitative effect of mass recruitment and strength indicators and muscles without the accumulation of excess water and fatty layer. By the way, that is why after the course of reception and there is not such a powerful process of "rollback" of muscle mass.

The course of Primabolin in combination with other drugs
The drug is very well combined with other steroid drugs. It can be used with most of them to emphasize this or that indicator. In the event that you need an increase in strength and minimal side effects, Primabolin is greatly combined with Winstrol. From a scientific point of view it has long been proven that the active substance methenolone enanthate gives a powerful accumulation effect in interaction with other types of steroids.

The most common and effective combinations are combinations of the same or similar AAS with Anabol, Nandrolone and Methandijonone. By the way, the last "cocktail" was very often used by Arnold Schwarzenegger during the preparation for responsible competitions.

Primabolin: reviews of applications in various sports
The drug has a fairly wide application, but in sports it is used most often. First of all, due to the increase in power figures thanks to Primabolin - reviews of powerlifting and weightlifting representatives about this drug are most often positive.

The next important point is the gradual but very rapid increase in muscle mass, and the acquired muscles are not swollen with water, although the drug gives a tangible effect of pumping.

Positive statements about steroids and their qualities are also given by many athletics, where the athlete must have strong muscle to combine speed and proper endurance.

Primabolin: the price of strong muscles or side effects of the drug
Of course, the use of the drug is associated with certain negative manifestations, since no effect on the endocrine system usually does not go without a trace. However, the main thing that differs from other steroids Primabolin (injectable) - the price of increase in strength and mass is very small.

The main side effects of using a methanol-enanthate steroid include the following:

• The formation of acne is a problem of most steroid drugs and in the first pairs, it disturbs all athletes. Especially in most cases this problem is solved by the acceptance of various kinds of vitamin complexes;
• Blood pressure increase is not so common, it is also not a significant and interfering aspect, since pressure fluctuations are not so significant;
• gynecomastia - a manifestation that occurs when taking this drug is extremely rare and only if the proper regimens and dosages of steroid are violated.

Methanol is one of the relatively safe to use steroids. Even in very high doses, its administration is rarely accompanied by the appearance of side effects. Therefore, he often advises both men and women, both newcomers and experienced professionals.

In general, it is worth noting the very high effectiveness of taking Primabolin, the price of muscle mass for health is almost imperceptible, and the positive effect becomes noticeable very quickly and remains stable for quite a long time. Taking into account the absence of water retention in the body and the fatty layer, with the correct application and distribution of loads, the preparation becomes irreplaceable for bodybuilders and representatives of power species.

Because of its properties and androgenic effects, this steroid is undesirable for women, as it can cause serious changes in their appearance and hormonal background.

Plus, for everything else, anyone can make an order using the popular online payment system WebMoney throughout the CIS, which will allow not only to make a purchase without getting out of the chair, but also to keep its anonymity. We offer the most favorable Primabolin purchase terms: affordable even for young athletes, fast delivery and flexible system of bonuses and discounts.

Buying Primabolin on our site is simple and very reliable for every buyer, which is why we are one of the leaders in this field for the domestic countries.

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Primabolin 100

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