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Androgen, strengthens the erectile function, is used on the course of anabolic steroids, and the functionality of this drug is unlimited. Used during the course to lower SHBG, to increase the level of free testosterone,

How to take Proviron:

Since proviron is an androgen, it is not used on post-course therapy, since it has the property of inhibiting your own testosterone.

The scheme depends on the anabolic drugs used on the course and the duration of their application.

Schemes of application:

For 25-50 mg, for 6 weeks on your course of anabolic steroids, to increase the level of free testosterone.

For 50 mg in the last weeks of the course, to give the muscle mass more relief.

To improve the quality and quantity of spermatozoa (for medical purposes) is applied to 25 mg three times a day, the duration of treatment is 90 days.

To improve potency - 25 mg three times a day for several months.

Consult our specialist to find the correct application and dosage for you.

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