• QITROPE 100IU ( Recombinant Human Growth Hormone - HGH )

Factory, Certified Growth Hormone - QITROPE

Produced at a certified plant in Changchun in the industrial development zone, where the Jintropin plant is, but the manufacturer guarantees a better quality than Jintropin.

It's time to stop exposing yourself to health hazards, do not use "DROPHY growth hormones and keep your health !!!"

It is absolutely identical to the natural growth hormone produced in the human body.

It is widely used not only in medicine (when children stop growing and kidney failure), but also became popular in sports, due to their ability to powerfully influence the growth of muscles, joints, ligaments and bones, fat reduction, etc.

QITROPE completely coincides in structure with human GH and even has the same amino acid set (191 amino acids).

Produced in the form of an injection liquid and administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly, and is produced mainly in China, and the drug is widely used not only in their domestic market, but also actively exported to Europe and the United States.

It is the Chinese manufacturer that makes the growth hormone of the highest quality and degree of purification!


Strengthens bone tissue by enhancing the growth of the epiphysis;

Stimulates protein synthesis throughout the body, accelerating wound healing and restoring the body;

Helps to reverse the destruction of the liver and restore its functions;

Stimulates the production of immunoglobulins, increasing immunity;

Promotes the formation of cardiomyocytes, increasing the contractility of the heart and reduces its consumption of oxygen;

Promotes fat burning and cholesterol lowering;

Replenishes the deficiency of growth hormone, accelerates the growth of the body.

Side effects.

Despite the huge number of positive effects, QITROPE has some pobochki.

First, there may be slight pain and edema in the area of injection, but usually this happens only in the first days of use, then everything must pass.

Secondly, after prolonged use, antibody formation may occur, which may affect the effectiveness of the drug.

Contraindications. It is forbidden to use the drug for tumor neoplasms, with caution - for diabetes, brain trauma, impaired thyroid function.

Mode of application:

Application: Classic course from 12 weeks to 24x (half a year).

Less than 12 weeks of meaning do not!

Enter subcutaneously, slowly.

Very convenient places for injections are in the abdominal area.

The injection sites need to be changed periodically, this will help prevent lipoatrophy (atrophy of subcutaneous fat).

Preparation: To prepare the preparation, the contents of the vial must be diluted in one milliliter of the solvent.

The solvent must be dialed into the syringe and inserted into the vial, puncturing the rubber plug. Stir the drug is necessary until complete dissolution, but sharply shake the bottle can not. We recommend buying insulin syringes - 100ki.

Then every 10 division will be equal to 1 AD Growth Hormone (it is very convenient to consider the dosage). You can fill a full syringe (fit evenly 10ED GRA) and put it in the refrigerator. As practice shows, you can inject for a while with 1 syringe (of course, 1 syringe is used by only 1 person).

The course for beginners and women: Start with 2 units / IU per day, dividing the injections twice: 1 unit / IU for the muscle and 1 more unit / IU after 12 hours. After a month, bring the dosage of 4 units / IU per day: 2 units / IU for a muscle and 2 more units / IU after 12 hours.

Course for experienced athletes: Start with 5 units / IU per day, dividing the injections twice: 3 units / IU for a muscle and 2 more units / IU after 12 hours. After a month, adjust the dosage to 10 units / IU per day: 5 units / IU for a muscle and 5 more units / IU after 12 hours.

Storage: While the Growth Hormone is in a dry state, it is desirable to store it at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees, for example in a refrigerator (but not in any way not in the freezer).

After diluting the GRA and bringing it into a liquid form, storage in a refrigerator is not recommended, but mandatory.

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QITROPE 100IU ( Recombinant Human Growth Hormone - HGH )

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