Strombagekt Akva 100mg x 1 x 10 - winstrol from Balkan Pharmaceutical - a quality solution of stanozolol for injection!

"Strombaject Aqua" is a trademark of the Moldavian manufacturer of sports pharmacology "Balkan Pharmaceutical", under which a solution of stanozolol for injections is produced.

The active substance of the drug is "stanozolol". It is one of the best anabolic steroids in bodybuilding and is used primarily for muscle drying, although when properly combined with the right steroids - can also contribute to the growth of really high-quality "dry" muscles.

Strombageject is intended for injection. In general, this form of stanozolol is more often called "Winstrol". Within the limits of independent courses the preparation is ideal for people with sufficient muscle mass and without too much fat content. Such a course will make it possible to achieve rigid, firm and relief musculature.

Unique Features

The uniqueness of the described steroid lies in the fact that the preparation is not only not susceptible to aromatization, but, on the contrary, is itself characterized by antiestrogenic properties, and the ability to suppress progestagen activity of other drugs.

This makes it an ideal "pair" for such steroids as Nandrolone, Trenbolone and testosterone esters (including Sustanon). In conjunction with the Deca and Trenbolon he is able to suppress their progestagenic activity, thereby reducing to "no" their main side reactions, and in the case of testosterones - its conversion into estrogens. In both cases, this combination is "win-win" and increases the overall effectiveness of the course!

Main effects and properties

Excellent choice for drying and weight loss (when used in "solo")

the drug grows well "dry" muscle mass when combined with the necessary steroids

contributes to the formation of a rigid, relief and venous musculature

noticeable increases in strength indicators

Used in many sports to increase the speed-power capabilities

increases bioavailability and free testosterone level by suppressing SHBG

the drug is characterized by anti-estrogenic and anti-progestagenic effects

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