SUSTAMED 250mg  x 1ml x 10  from Balkan Pharmaceutical is an elite "mix" of testosterone!

"Sustamed" is a trademark of the authoritative Moldovan pharmaceutical company "Balkan Pharmaceutical", under which a steroid is produced under the more famous name "Sustanon".

"Sustanon" is a composite injectable anabolic steroid of a complex character with prolonged action. The drug is also known to the market of sports pharmacology under such trade names as "Omnadren" and "Mix Testosterone".

Its formula is based on several testosterone esters characterized by a different release rate, which is due to the different lengths of the etheric chain of all its constituents. With this, its main features and advantages are connected.

Some athletes mistakenly believe that this kind of composite anabolic steroid is a combined course "in one bottle". It should be understood that this viewpoint is incorrect, since all its components are eventually converted only to testosterone. The difference between them is only in how quickly each of the components enters the blood.

The components of the "matrix"

The formula "Sustamed" includes four testosterone esters:

"Propionate" The fastest testosterone ester, providing fast "activation" of the steroid. It lasts up to 3 days, reaching a peak concentration on the second day after administration.

"Phenylpropionate". The average release rate of testosterone ester (valid up to 5 days), whose task is to create a "bridge" between propionate that is displayed on the third day and only "gaining momentum" by the next two "long" ethers - "isocaproate" and "decanoate".

"Isocaproate" and "Decanoate". Two ether providing immediate prolonged action of the steroid. They fully enter into action and reach their peak concentration by the time when the metabolites of the two previous esters are already excreted from the body.

To whom does it suit?

This steroid can be used to build muscle mass, even in the "solo" course. He perfectly grows strength indicators and musculature, and also he has all the other positive features of testosterone as such.

If you follow all the instructions and recommendations for the organization of the course, the steroid can be recommended to beginners (but it is used, including pros and experienced amateurs), even despite the general shortage of all testosterones - aromatization (which, however, is easily prevented with aromatase inhibitors - Anastrozole, Letrozole or Exedrol).

Characteristic effects and advantages:

forms stable nitrogen metabolism in muscles, which allows to accelerate the growth of muscle mass and recovery after exercise

initiates fat burning and increases in strength

improves the saturation of blood with oxygen, thereby increasing endurance

stimulates sexual activity, libido and potency

contributes to the normalization of joints, bone and ligaments

does not create the need for frequent injections and does not have a toxic effect on the liver

helps prevent overtraining

improves the general condition of the body, emotional state and self-confidence

responsible for male sexual characteristics and behavior

increases the psychological readiness for training

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