TESTOSTERONĂ-P (Testosterone propionate) 100mg x 1 x 10

Testosterone propionate is one of the most popular esters in bodybuilding. The drug is designed to increase strength and weight, but is often used in drying courses. Propionate characterizes a short half-life - two or three days.


 The drug has one hundred percent anabolic and androgenic activity, is converted into estrogens and is a strong androgen. The course shows a rapid increase in both muscle mass and strength indicators. The drug suppresses the arc hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles, so it is highly desirable to jointly take anti-estrogens (tamoxifen, proviron). Balkan propionate is not toxic to the liver, it is found in the body for a month.

 Like other testosterone esters, balkan propionate effectively grows muscles, but it minimizes the accumulation of fluid, which makes the recruited mass more qualitative than when using long esters of testosterone. Propionate Balkan causes muscle hyperplasia and also promotes rapid recovery after exercise.

 Unlike other esters, Testosterona P effectively burns fat. In addition, propionate reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and ischemia of the heart muscle. The preparation significantly improves the muscular relief and muscle density.

 Injections should be performed every other day, which is one of the minuses of the drug. Testosterona P Balkan least detains water, quickly joins work, getting into the bloodstream. The effect of propionate can be felt after the first injection. The drug is suitable for athletes of any level of fitness, from beginners to real professionals.

Testosterone propionate course:

 It is best to combine propionate with an anabolic, such as stanozolol / vinstrol. A typical dosage for propionate is 50-100 mg every other day, however, more advanced athletes make injections from 100 mg daily and even higher. With long courses and excessive dosages, PKT is necessary. It is necessary to take anti-estrogens on a course of propionate. Is best suited proviron, it reduces the level of SHBG and significantly increases the impact of the course.

form of issue:

Solution for injection oil 100 mg / ml and 200 mg / ml for 1 ml or 2 ml in ampoules; 100 mg / ml in 2 ml or 5 ml and 200 mg / ml in 2 ml in vials.


Store at a temperature of 15-25 ° C, in a dry place, protected from light and out of the reach of children.

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