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Turinabol  - Androgenic, anabolic oral steroid drug. The chemical structure is similar to the structure of methandrostenolone. It differs from the usual form of methandrostenolone by the presence of another atom of chlorine in the fourth carbon atom. Turinabol is available in tablet form. Steroid was developed and patented in 1961 by German pharmacists from Josephamr. Steroid is also produced under the names: Turinovir, Turamoth, Turanabol and others.Turinball?

The development of the drug, one of many agents with anabolic and androgenic effects, was carried out in Germany since the 1960s. At that time, German developers created a number of highly effective steroid drugs. And Turinabol is no exception. The development was carried out with the task of obtaining a combined version of methandrostenolone in conjunction with oxandrolone. The drug was to demonstrate a stable anabolic level and a minimum of negative effects.

Steroid profile

Anabolic effect - 180% of testosterone.

Androgenic effect - 50% of testosterone.

Degree of processing in estrogens is minimal.

Influence on the gipogalamo-pituitary-gonadal system is minimal.

The degree of influence on the liver is toxic.

Available in tablet form.

It operates about 16 hours.

In doping control, Turinabol can be detected after a long period after the last use. An innovative method for the determination of steroid drugs used since 2012: the method of chromatographic mass spectrometry, makes it possible to set steroids up to 250 days after their application.

Turinabol is very effective in case of need for muscle mass gain. The drug is characterized by a minimal possibility of manifestation of negative reactions. Turinball is very popular among beginner athletes, because, unlike testosterone, it can use a solo. Turinabol belongs to one of the most unbreakable androgenic and anabolic drugs. In small doses, Oral Turinabol can also be used by women.

As already mentioned earlier, doping control is able to detect traces of the drug and within 250 days since the last use of the drug. The use of specialized agents to disguise long-lived fat-soluble metabolites does not provide a complete guarantee. Therefore, competing athletes and athletes, professionals can take Torinabol only under their responsibility.

Effects after applying turinabol

The steroid gives excellent muscle mass indexes. With the use of Turinabol solo course in average doses, it is possible to collect from 4 to 6 kilos of excellent muscle mass for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

In addition, Turinabol increases the level of strength.

Stamina is increasing.

Estrogenic reactions are negative.

There is a decrease in the amount of SHBG - globulin, blocking androgens, estrogens and progestins.

In the blood, the amount of active testosterone fractions increases.

The possibility of the appearance of blood clots in the blood vessels and the heart decreases, which determines the support of the cardiovascular system.

Turinabol - a drug with a slow-acting effect. It is possible to describe it as methandrostenolone, which does not allow liquids to stay in the body. During the use of the drug, the main indicators do not progress as quickly as we would like, but lead to a consistently high quality result. In addition, lowering the concentration of globulin, which binds sex hormones, can increase the effectiveness of receiving other AA in the course of the course. Thus, professional athletes combine Turinabol with other steroid drugs to achieve good results.

The scheme of reception of turinabol

At the training of athletes, the manufacturers determined the optimal dose for taking the Turinabol. Studies have shown that the drug in a daily dosage of up to 40 milligrams is quite effective, and the possibility of the occurrence of negative effects is minimized. Use the Tablet Turinabol as follows: The daily dose should be divided into three equivalents. Such a scheme equates the hormonal background, excluding the likelihood of peaks and recessions, the load on the liver is reduced.

Solo tourneybola course

To determine the necessary athlete, the dosage can not be "on the eye". To calculate the dosage of the drug, information is required on the physiological characteristics of the athlete, on the use of other anabolic and androgenic drugs. And you also need to know what indicators an athlete wants to achieve.

Before you begin the initial course of drug administration, you must pass the appropriate analyzes and talk to your doctor.

For beginners athletes, the dose should not be more than 40 milligrams per day.

Professionals, for example, athletes or skiers with a focus on endurance, as well as boxers, use enough to use up to 20 milligrams a day.

Reception period up to 6 weeks. This period is enough

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TURINABOL 100 x 10mg

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