• Testim 50mg Gel
Testim (testosterone) is a topical gel used by men who are deficient in the hormone testosterone. Topical application of testosterone is preferred because it produces fewer adverse effects, such as liver damage, than other administration methods.

In males testosterone is produced primarily by the testes and to a lesser degree by the adrenal gland. This hormone is critical in the health and development of male reproductive organs as well as male characteristics, and even plays a role in mental health.

To some extent testosterone production naturally slows as a man ages; diet, overall health, emotional state and other factors may also influence natural testosterone levels. In some cases, however, testosterone levels drop so dramatically that a medication such as Testim is prescribed to compensate.

In adult men, common symptoms of low testosterone levels include:
Loss of body or facial hair
Voice changes
Loss of bone mass
Decrease in height
Decreased sex drive
Difficulty achieving a firm erection
Rapid decrease in strength or endurance
Fatigue, low energy or excess sleeping
Persistent apathy or depression
The reduction of masculine characteristics is often devastating emotionally. Using Testim, testosterone levels are restored to optimal levels and symptoms begin to reverse.

Testosterone Replacement with Testim:

Testim comes in single-use tubes or packets filled with gel. Each tube or packet represents one dose and should be used in entirety unless instructed otherwise by a physician:
Gently rub the gel onto clean, dry skin on the shoulders and upper arms. Wait for it to dry completely before covering the area with clothing.
This product is flammable. Avoid smoking and open flames until the gel is completely dried.
Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after applying Testim.
Dispose of used containers carefully where children and pets are unable to reach them -- even minimal exposure can have severe consequences.
Do not shower or swim for at least 2 to 5 hours after application, to allow the medication sufficient time to absorb into the skin.
Keep shoulders and upper arms covered with clothing after application to prevent the medication from getting on furniture, bedding, or other people.
Wash the application area with soap and water to remove Testim. Do not allow the medicated area to come into contact with the skin of others before washing.
Testim is applied once a day, usually in the morning. A missed dose should be skipped entirely; do not use a double dose.

Before Using Testim:

Women and children should completely avoid contact with Testim, including skin contact with the area it has been applied to. The trace amounts which may be absorbed through contact can cause serious reactions, including early puberty in children and facial hair in women. Contact with testosterone gels is known to be harmful to unborn babies.

Apply Testim only to the shoulders and upper arms. Some testosterone gels allow application to the chest or abdomen as well; do not do so with Testim. Do not apply to the penis or scrotum.

Avoid contact with mucus membranes.

Side Effects:

Used properly, most side effects from Testim are mild and not cause for concern. However, if side effects are severe or do not go away over time, speak with a physician before continuing use:
Acne or dry skin
Hair loss
Male breast tenderness
Mood changes
Men with a personal or family history of certain health conditions are at greater risk of experiencing dangerous side effects:
Sleep apnea
Prostate cancer
Enlarged prostate
Liver, kidney, lung or heart disease
There are a number of prescription and non-prescription medications, supplements and vitamins which may interfere with Testim's effectiveness or cause adverse effects. Discuss risks of mixing medications with a doctor or pharmacist prior to use.

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Testim 50mg Gel

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