• Testosterone Phenylpropionate 100mg - 10ml

Testosterone Phenylpropionate, manufactured by the world famous Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co, is a short-acting drug with both anabolic and androgenic activity. However, in Russia this drug is very rare.

Test-PH acts as the main active component. Before purchasing a steroid, it is worth being very careful, as now, the probability of releasing falsification, which can cause significant harm to the athlete, increases. 

Characteristics of Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Phenylpropionate is one of the most effective drugs in sports pharmacology approved for use by humans.

The first modification of the drug was released for use in traditional medicine, but over time, the drug began to be actively used in sports practice, in particular, as an excellent means to accelerate the growth of high-quality muscles.

With proper application, an athlete can get accelerated growth of high-quality muscles from the course of taking Testosterone Phenylpropionate, giving a gained mass of relief, density, getting rid of fat deposits, stimulating the development of secondary male sexual characteristics, increasing strength and endurance.

Experienced athletes prefer to use this drug in courses designed for drying, as well as in the event that the athlete needs high-quality and rapid weight gain. Specialists do not highly recommend independently increasing the dose of the drug, it is better to use the drug in combination with other drugs to increase the effectiveness of the course of treatment.

Like any other sports pharmacology drug, this steroid can cause unexpressed side effects. Very often, side effects can carry both estrogenic and androgenic character, that is, an athlete can notice a manifestation of puffiness, gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, acne, hair loss on the head, and the like. If an athlete decided to take heavy courses, it is better to connect to the reception of anti-estrogens, which can also be purchased in our online store.

It is also worth noting that many athletes note very painful sensations at the injection sites, in rare cases an abscess can form.

The nuances of testosterone phenylpropionate

Many experts recommend before the start of the course to pass the full range of tests. Consider that Testosterone Phenylpropionate is a steroid with an average period of action, so even with rare injections, an athlete can get a good increase in net weight. On average, experts prescribe taking the drug no more than once every three days for 200 mg, while the course is usually 6 weeks. Given that the drug is subject to aromatization, experts recommend taking antiestrogens as well.

It is allowed to take Testosterone Phenylpropionate, either solo or in combination with other steroids for greater efficacy. But, judging by the numerous reviews in the network, most of the athletes who took this steroid note its effectiveness, both in solo courses and in combination with other steroids.

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Testosterone Phenylpropionate 100mg - 10ml

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