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Welcome to, a leading online pharmacy store established to supply a wide range of steroids, sports drugs, and other categories of health and wellness to serve the needs of the consumers worldwide. Our online store is equipped with genuine medication from reputable brands and manufacturers. By shopping for your prescription drugs online with, you save money and at the same time assured of buying quality drugs.

We pride ourselves to offer fast shipping, good prices, and exceptional customer shopping experience. Apart from steroids and sports drugs, we also offer a variety of medications such as HGH, SARMs, EPO, and as well as other health and wellness drugs for weight management, men sexual health, and other pharmaceutical medicines. As a company that is committed to giving customers a satisfactory shopping experience, invests in resources and effort to ensure an adequate supply of potent and genuine medication drugs.

Our History started as an online sales in the year 2016 as a kind of trial. We started by selling “Mildronate” (meldonium), a drug popularly used by many celebrities including Maria Sharapova as revealed by her in one of the Australian Opens. Our first online sales were on eBay and other eCommerce platforms. Our experience on Ebay coupled with our passion for offering our valuable customers the best shopping experience motivated us to start building our first ever online store.

We earned the trust of many of our customers with our excellent online presence, fast shipping, exceptional support services, and our customers’ base grew exponentially. In 2017, the former platform couldn’t withstand the volume of the demand coming from our buyers; hence, we grew and moved to our new store

From the very first day of launching the site, we received good visiting counts, and it was quite encouraging. Since the establishment of, the store has always been equipped with a wide range of products in various steroids and sports drugs and as at today, we have grown to offer different categories of health and wellness prescribed medicines such as muscle building, weight management, men sexual health, and much more. In 2019, we have more than 250 products in different sections of our arsenal with over 1000 satisfied regular customers. That is where we found ourselves as at today.

Our Mission aims to offer consumers with affordable and highest-quality prescription medicines with an excellent shopping experience. To become a major source of genuine drugs that promotes overall health and wellness.  

Our Values

·       Integrity: Health is wealth! We believe that whatever that goes into your system should be pure and uncompromised. Our integrity has earned the trust of our customers with provisions of genuine medicines, and we promise not to abuse your confidence in us. values your privacy as well as your healthcare concerns; hence, we keep your personal information without exposing it to a third party.

·       Excellence: We continue to maintain the top spot in offering the highest standard of prescription medications regardless of the environment we found ourselves. With our excellence services, regardless of your buying from our store, we encourage our customer to carry their pharmacists along in their overall health and prescriptions.

·       Transparency: We are opened to our customers. We make it easier for customers to contact us via email or online contact form.

Our Products offers a wide range of drug brands to meet the demands of our customers. We started with AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids), added HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and blood doping drugs like EPO (Erythropoietin). We further included weight loss medicine like (sibutramine, clenbuterol) and followed by SARMs. Due to popular demand from our consumers, we added Men Sexual Health medicine like Testosterone Gel, Generic Viagra, Ciais, and Kamagra.

Gradually, we expanded our range of product by adding other pharmacy products like "Actovegin" and "Cerebrolysin." Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) products like Gonadotropin (HCG), CLOMID, Proviron, Anastrazole and Tamoxifen were then added to prevent loses in athletes’ post cycle time. Now, with more than 250 brands in our different categories, has not stopped offering more products to meet the demand of our valuable customers.

How to Order

Ordering your prescription drugs online on is as easy as A,B,C...

Step 1: Search your prescribed medications with our easy-to-use "Search" box or using our different categories.

Step 2: Select the quantity of medication you want to order and click on “Add to Cart.” If you still need more medications, search again and add to cart until you are satisfied with your shopping basket. Then, proceed to checkout by clicking “Shopping Cart.”

Step 3: Click on “Check out.” To deliver your order to your doorstep, the following will be needed to confirm your order:

*      Account & Billing Details

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*      Payment Method

After this, click on “Confirm Order.

Step 4: Relax while we send your payment invoice to you.

For fast order processing, we have guest check out to make things easier for you

Our Payment Gateway

We are working on card processing gateway integration in the nearest future. However, there is no issue paying with your card. After your order, we will send you PayPal or any other payment invoice options including MasterCard, WesterUnion, Bitcoin, DISCOVER, etc.

Why choosing us?

We are an online drug store who is curious about paying attention to our customers’ needs. can give you good prices on different products with the support of our Russian warehouse where prices are still low and available without compromising the quality of the products. We pride ourselves to provide a top-notch shopping experience that keeps you coming every time you need our products.

Our team always strives to offer a wonderful shopping experience to our customers; hence, they chose us among our competitors based on the following attributes:

ü We are equipped with a wide range of different classes of drugs for various health purposes.

ü doesn’t toy with quality; hence, our inventory and quality control are handled by professional teams trained to ensure quality assurance of all our medications.

ü We engage in continuous research and efforts to come up with different products that offer added values to your health.

ü offers one of the reliable and fastest shipping and delivery services to meet customer’s needs for medication. We ship order the same day or next day based on the location of the buyer. In rare cases when shipping delay is more than 3 days, we add some bonuses!

ü We offer various deals on a daily basis with one of the lowest price tags that are not easy to come by. Also, we provide discounts for bulk order.

ü Our secure payment gateway makes your order processing easier and faster.

ü Our return and refund policy is guaranteed if parcel seized or lost.

ü We provide easy order tracking system that keeps you informed about the movement of your order. You can track your order until it gets to your doorstep.

ü is equipped with 24/7 dedicated and good mannered customer support service trained to answer all your inquiries.

Our Contact

You can contact us using our “Contact Page Form” or at our location

PharmaCity Group LTD

30 Campden Hill Gardens, Kensington

London W8 7AZ

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