• Andarine (S4) 60 tab 25mg

Andarine (S4)

SARMs of generation I. Provides selective anabolic activity, showing a testosterone-like effect.

Promotes muscle growth.
Improves the power level.
Provides ⅓ action of the same amount of testosterone.
Possible use in the composition of PCT.

Initially Andarin was created for the treatment of muscle atrophy, non-malignant hypertrophy of the prostate and osteoporosis. Bodybuilders drew attention to its positive effect on muscle growth and strengthening of bone tissue. The drug is suitable for reception, compatible with training, and helps to achieve more pronounced results.

It is useful to know that the half-life of the substance from the human body is 4-6 hours on average. The daily dose can be divided into several receptions, two or three. Carefully read the instructions attached to the drug for an effective course.

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Andarine (S4) 60 tab 25mg

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