• Androgel (Tesosterone Gel) 50mg 1% Not Generic!


Androgel - Preparation 1% of testosterone in gel form for application to the skin, intended for replacement therapy. Currently testosterone gel is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs prescribed to patients with low levels of testosterone (hypogonadism). Androgel is manufactured by Solvay Pharmaceuticals. Androgel increases testosterone levels in the blood penetrating through the skin.


Androgel testosterone gel has the following advantages:

  • There is no need to perform injections
  • A more uniform delivery of the hormone into the blood

Pharmachologic effect

Androgenic. Endogenous androgens (mainly testosterone) secreted by the testes and the main metabolite dihydrotestosterone are responsible for the development of external and internal genital organs and secondary sexual characteristics (hair growth stimulation, deepening of the voice, development of the libido). Have a general effect on protein anabolism, development of skeletal muscle and distribution of subcutaneous fat, to reduce nitrogen excretion in urine sodium, potassium, chlorides, phosphates and water. Testosterone does not cause testicular development: it reduces the pituitary secretion of gonadotropins.

Effects of testosterone on some target organs are shown after peripheral conversion of testosterone to estradiol, which then binds to the estrogen receptor in the nuclei of cells of target organs (such as the pituitary, adipose tissue, brain, bone and testicular Leydig cells).

dosing regimen

The recommended daily dose of 5 grams of gel (i.e. 50 mg of testosterone). The drug is used 1 time / day at about the same time of day, preferably in the morning. The daily dose may be adjusted depending on the clinical and laboratory parameters, but should not exceed 10 g of gel. Correction dosing regimen should be performed in steps of 2.5 g of gel / day.

For correction of the dose necessary to determine the concentration of testosterone in the serum in the morning, before the use of the drug, from the third day after the start of treatment (within one week). The dose can be reduced if the content of testosterone in the plasma is increased or conversely increased if testosterone concentration is low.

Terms of use of the drug

The gel is applied to the clean, dry intact skin shoulders, arms and / or abdomen. Do not apply the gel on the genital area, because high content of ethanol in the product may cause local irritation.

After opening the bag should be immediately put on your skin and all of its contents spread a thin layer. Do not necessarily rub it into the skin. You can give it to dry for at least 3-5 minutes before dressing. After application should wash their hands with soap and water.

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Androgel (Tesosterone Gel) 50mg 1% Not Generic!

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