What is best and Medically advised way to take human growth hormone?

Medically advised way  to take human growth hormone

Injections of human growth hormone have been touted by many as being the cure-all for aging, a tool to stop the aging process and remain young, indefinitely. However, the unfortunate truth is that this does not work. Not only will your body continue aging, but you can also experience numerous side effects from using human growth hormone. Some of the most frightening include diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as an increased chance of developing heart disease. Other side effects include vomiting and nausea, as well as weight gain and joint pain. Not to mention the fact that the injections can be very painful, as well.


The only method of taking human growth hormone is a series of painful injections, which have very high costs associated with them. If your HGH injections are warranted by a medical condition, there is a good chance your insurance will cover them.

Of course, if you are simply looking to human growth hormone as a "fountain of youth," then there are better ways to do so, that do not involve the debilitating side effects of HGH. For instance, enjoying a diet high in fiber, vegetables and healthy protein can boost your body's level of human growth hormone, without the need for injections. In addition, exercise can also help.