HGH long time has been used worldwide as an anti aging therapy.

HGH reaches its highest in pubertal age at the highest levels of human life when it is growing. Later, after the age of 20-23, HGH begins to fall.

As you know, with age, our hormonal system begins to brake and enter. Testosterone falls for men, estrogen is up (for women), HGH decreases ... we stay slow, steep and get unhappy. HGH has proved to itself that when it is used in old age, people return to life, they more get energy, stress levels and sleepiness fall, improves life quality. A person at retirement age has a feeling again, as before 30.40.50 years. Energetic and young.

It alone proves the role and potential of HGH, without knowing anything about anatomy.

HGH has very important characteristics for our athletes. It is very anabolic, it is able to heal injuries, it causes hyperplasia (which AAS can not do), it burns fat.

Research on rats (as most studies have shown) show that HGH causes cell division (hyperplasia in the muscles) and even accelerates the movement of amino acids in cell membranes and shortens the time at which these cells form new proteins (muscle) from these amino acids. HGH reduces the consumption of carbs in cells, but instead, cells tend to focus more on energy from fat cells. HGH is a unique preperation in the entire arsenal of athletes.

HGH users see remarkable results about the second month since use. Usually, courses last for at least half a year or all year round. HGH shows its true face only after prolonged use, after half a year, when the new meatballs have obviously grown on the user's body. HGH, of course, should be used with AAS to achieve its greatest potential.

HGH greatly increases cardio resistance.

Bodybuilders and other athletes will attend HGH when the potential of AAS is exhausted. When dosages are measured in several grams per week, but progress in the lean mass does not occur. It is a sign that the AAS potential for the particular body is exhausted and the next leap in size will be ONLY with HGH, if not HGH, then this AAS user will remain the same in size. AAS potentials can usually be extinguished within ~ 2 years without breaking from AAS.

The size of a professional bodybuilder, who was Arnold, would need HGH and accidental crumbs, but enough and long enough.

The size of a professional bodybuilder will require a lot of HGH and insulin today, in the background of AAS.

HGH + insulin + AAS + t3 works in very strong synergy. This combination can not beat anything. It has very strong muscle growth and parallel fat burning.

It is more or less an integral part of any modern bodybuilder's bodybuilder.

Without HGH, this synergy breaks down. HGH's professional bodybuilder needs oxygen as a flame.

In today's bodybuilding, without HGH, there will not be anywhere.

HGH in powerlifting and strongmenos, mainly in strongmenos, gives a strong plume in treating injuries.

Contemporary professional sports are unthinkable without HGH. Because of its great pluses, it also makes it very easy to squeeze out dop control.

HGH side effects - decreased t3 levels, gynecomastia, acromegaly, carpal tunnel syndrome, enlarged organs, water scratches.

Often the combination of HGH + insulin + t3 is used as a bridge between AAS courses. This bridge passage maintains muscle mass by stopping using AAS and allowing normal course of therapy to pass through without any effect, since neither hgh nor insulin nor t3 exclude the development of natural testosterone.

The main use of HGH for today's PRO is its ability to neutralize the bad effects of insulin on its appearance, if it can be said. Insulin, in the dosage of some who require modern dimensions of PRO, without HGH to grow a lot of fat. Using HGH in parallel with insulin helps to avoid fat growth. The synergy between HGH and insulin is very strong, each of the preperates separately does not even give up half of what is combined.

HGH slightly. An important point is when choosing the type of HGH and the manufacturer. There are Chinese HGHs, which are usually slightly different in structure and have a significantly worse effect and the effect disappears over time. The effect is lost because the body attempts to develop antibodies because it does not recognize HGH which is not identical to the HGH. China produced 192a, the 191a is really.

Very often Chinese HGH contains a lot of impurities, the real HGH is like 5IU, written 10IU, the rest of the site is filled with all fillers, which can worsen both the visual appearance (huge water retention) and health in the end.