What are "steroids"?

What are "steroids"?

The word "steroid" is the name for a group of chemical compounds,

having a very similar structure. Most people know three

type of steroids:

what are steroids

1) Preparations of the type of hydrocortisone: known under the medical name

"corticosteroids", these steroids are contained in various creams and

ointments intended for skin care, more precisely for combating various

rashes and itching. Two common trademarks - Cortaid (R)

and Lanacort (R). Corticosteroids are not addictive.

2) Female sex hormones. Medical names are estrogen and progesterogens.

These steroids determine the development of secondary sexual characteristics in women

and maintain the functioning of the organs of the female reproduction system.

Estrogens and progesterogens are active ingredients in contraceptives

drugs. Estrogens and progesterogens do not cause addiction.


3) Male sex hormones. The medical name is androgens. Androgene

called testosterone is a major player in development

male secondary sexual signs and maintenance in a workable

the state of the organs of the male reproduction system. More recently

It has been found that testosterone drugs are addictive.

These drugs are also known as "anabolic steroids."


There are very few members of the different classes of steroids

chemical differences, and under certain conditions an organism can transform

one type of steroids in another. This is described in more detail in the chapter

"How are the anabolic steroids affect the sexual functions of the male body?"

What are "anabolic"?

The term "anabolic" describes any substance that can support

muscle tissue gain or accumulation of nitrogen in muscle protein.

In the normal state the organism constantly destroys and removes the old ones

cells and tissues and replaces them with new ones. The process of destruction and removal called "catabolism" in medicine. Anabolism is the process of building

new cells and fabrics to replace the old ones. In normally functioning

the body of these two groups of processes maintained in equilibrium.

Muscle and bone tissues, thus, are constantly updated and

nor increase or decrease of mass does not occur.


Reinforced physical exercises are anabolic because

increase muscle mass. A protein-rich diet is also considered



Anabolic steroids increase muscle mass. Testosterone is a natural anabolic

steroid Higher testosterone levels in the male body

in comparison with female provides a higher percentage of muscle

masses in men.


For some time it was thought that anabolic and androgenic steroids

- these are different things and therefore you can develop new types of steroids,

which will simply increase muscle mass without side masculine

effects However, it turned out that the anabolic and androgenic effects

are caused by the same drugs, but in different tissues. So

In the way, any steroids that increase muscle mass, cause

side masculine effects.


Where are the anabolic steroids taken?

The body produces testosterone in a natural way, but natural

Testosterone is not used in medicine. In normally functioning

The body of testosterone is constantly secreted in the blood by the pituitary gland. In

The male body, in addition, testosterone is produced by the testicles.

Testosterone reaches various parts of the body, works, as well

then destroyed by enzymes.

When the male body reaches the end of puberty, the amount

Testosterone increases sharply and keeps at a high level of four

up to six months, after which it returns to the normal level.

During this period, zones of limb growth are closed, voice is lowered,

begin to grow hair on the face and the genitals increase. Exactly

This wave of testosterone completes puberty of the male body.

In some men, this testosterone does not occur. When

The role of testosterone was clarified, researchers tried to treat belatedness

in maturation, prescribing to testosterone. It turned out that

A single dose of testosterone, even very large, is so rapidly destroyed

enzymes that does not have an effect. To use for these

The goals are natural testosterone, a person needs to be placed under the dropper

with testosterone for four months! The method of trial and error was found

A way to change the testosterone molecule in order to prolong it

his life in the body.


There are many types of anabolic steroids

suitable for the treatment of various diseases. Previously anabolic

steroids were isolated from various tissues of animals, now they are synthesized .


Why is anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids allow athletes when exercising differently

the types of sports are much faster to collect the necessary muscle mass.

Many athletes consider that they are solely responsible for their achievements

the use of steroids.

It has not been proven that steroids increase muscle by themselves

weight athletes during training. Gains may well be called up

purely psychological effect. In sixteen experiments with steroids

nine showed their effectiveness as a means of building up the masses,

the other seven did not produce any result. At the same time anabolic

steroids are widely used as a means to build muscle

mass after some surgical operations and treatment of cancer, with

which the patient experiences loss of muscle mass. This topic is in detail

is considered in the section "Steroids and growth of body tissues".


At first only in some sports, athletes were abusing steroids

to improve the quality of the workout. But over time, abuse

steroids have spread to other types of sports. Now only

two Olympic disciplines are considered "pure": female hockey on

grass and figure skating. This topic is discussed in detail in this section



The abuse of steroids is now not limited to the sporting world.

Recently, the number of young people who use steroids is growing, not

while doing sports. During the polls this group of people says,

that steroids use "for health". Steroids help pick up

muscle mass with intensive training, however, there is no confirmation

that large doses of steroids consumed without training help

increase muscle Overweight people not involved in sports

are at risk of high blood pressure and other problems

with the heart However, there is no confirmation that intensified sports,

with steroids or without, prolong life or reduce the risk of illness.


There is evidence that excessive amounts of steroids may prematurely

stop the growth of the body, cause heart attacks, various diseases

liver, atrophy of male genital organs and many other effects.

This topic is discussed in detail in the section "The effects of steroids on

an organism ".



Oral steroids.

Oral steroids can be detected in the body in a few weeks

after discontinuation of use. This time is enough for medical

goals, but still a bit compared to injections.


Athletes are primarily experimented with oral anabolics.

They are convenient to store and eat, but they have a bad effect on the liver

in addition to the usual set of anabolic side effects. Side by side

The effects are described in detail in the section "Whether steroids cause damage

liver? "


Athletes usually continue to take oral medications even if

begin to use injectable steroids. Some are enjoying

Oral to slip through a doping check: most

Oral preparations do not live longer in the body for injection. When

Athletes approaching the athlete begins to use short-lived

drugs, then, four or six weeks before the start, ceases

Use at all so that the urine is clean at check.


Many athletes and coaches are convinced that they need to be used at the same time

and oral and injectable drugs according to a specific scheme. This one

The topic is detailed in the section "How are anabolics used by athletes?"


Injectable drugs.

Injection anabolics are administered intramuscularly, not intravenously. They are

slowly secreted from the muscle into the bloodstream, spread through the body

and can be detected in a few months after use.

At the chemical level, injectable drugs are better absorbed by the body

than oral. Therefore, they are preferred by those who use anabolic drugs

long time However, any injections have their own specifics problems.


The injection of the drug bypasses the natural protective mechanisms of the body.

If someone accidentally swallowed more than necessary, he can at least

the least to cause vomiting, before the amount is sufficient enough,

to cause death. If someone inhales a poisonous smoke or evaporation,

cough reflex will work and prevent poisoning. But if someone

I put myself too much, it will not be so much to get it out of the body.


When injections are done in a hospital, a lot of attention is paid

sterilization of the equipment and skin before the injection. Without this training

the needle can carry dirt and bacteria, passing the protective barrier of the skin.

Hepatitis and various inflammations are the usual results of poor disinfection.

There are even two cases of AIDS among bodybuilders registered.