• Ostarine 60 x 12.5mg
Ostarol (Ostarine mk-2866) - stimulates muscle growth in the same way as AAS, but unlike testosterone and other anabolic steroids and prohormones, sarm (as a non-steroid agent) does not respond to enzymes that convert testosterone into other compounds that have negative health side effects.
sarm, in particular, exerts its anabolic effect exclusively on muscle and bone tissue.
-5-7 kg of increase for two-month course
-The best drug for pkt
-The best drug for the bridge
-decreasing% of subcutaneous fat
-long period of half-growth is 24h.
-1 reception per day
-restores bone tissue

-does not require a pkt (use of vestanovitelnyh drugs)
not flavored
does not affect the arc
-No "phenomenon of rolling back"

- powerful anabolic compound
- can be used by men and women
- increases strength and endurance
- promotes rapid recovery


Steroid drugs, previously widely used by athletes to increase muscle mass, strength and endurance, often had unforeseen negative consequences. Despite the effectiveness, problems associated with their reception, caused the need for their prohibition in connection with the possible harm to the health of athletes. But the sports community, scientists, biochemists, persistently sought a compromise solution that allows to achieve the same results with the minimum possible harm or total absence of such for the body of athletes.

Long-term research has led to the development of a revolutionary class of steroid-like compounds called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARM). These are the so-called "selective androgen receptor modulators", replacing steroids. At the same time, their effectiveness is many times higher than the last and world-class athletes call SARMs the most important discovery of the century in the field of sports nutrition. It should be noted that the beginning of the release of the drug on the market was preceded by careful laboratory and clinical studies, testing and testing by international sports and medical organizations for safety. Hundreds of volunteer athletes participated in the tests and only after full study of the drug it is admitted to implementation as anabolic sports supplements to nutrition.

One of the varieties (Ostarine) MK-2866, known today to many athletes as sarm or MK-2866 is a synthetic androgen antagonist that binds to muscle tissue receptors, while having a high degree of selectivity. It is this selective effect on certain bone or muscle tissues that makes it safe.


sarm is a derivative of arylpropionamide. His daily intake leads to the buildup of dry muscle mass with a simultaneous increase in their strength and endurance. The peculiarity of the drug is considered to be the fact that its active substances act only on certain target tissues, without stimulating and not suppressing the receptors of other organs, for example, the prostate. The result is achieved without any additional special diets. The drug does not retain water in the body of the athlete and does not cause side effects, usually characteristic of hormone replacement therapy.

The selective androgen receptor modulator (Ostarine) MK-2866 sarm provides from 2 to 8 kg of dry muscle mass gain per month once a day. The optimal dosage is 25 mg per dose. The half-life of the components is 24 hours. Admission of the drug also guarantees 100% burning of subcutaneous fat and restoration of bone tissue.

According to the experience of using (Ostarine) MK-2866 bodybuilders concluded that its reception does not require additional use of drugs and supplements for recovery. Studies and observations of athletes using sarm showed that the overwhelming majority do not have a "pullback phenomenon", when, after stopping the intake of an additive, the muscles decrease and weaken. It is noteworthy that in comparison with testosterone, which has an index of the ratio of anabolic and androgenic activity of 1: 1, this parameter has a tenfold increase.

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Ostarine 60 x 12.5mg

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