Testosterone Depot (enanthate) is a steroid drug with high anabolic and androgenic activity. In addition to this, it boasts a long period of validity. All this provides him with demand in sports practice as doping, where he is used to gain muscle mass and increase strength (is relevant for most modern sports, from hockey to weightlifting).

Testosterone Depot (enanthate): detailed description

The basis of the drug is steroid testosterone enanthate. This is one of the most popular esters of testosterone, which is most in demand on the domestic market, in the CIS countries. For comparison, in the West, particularly in America, testosterone ester cypionate, possessing identical properties, is in great demand (this is primarily explained by the best prevalence of its production).

Testosterone Depot in origin is a strong anabolic and androgen (both activities correspond to those of endogenous testosterone) with an extended life. Depending on the hormonal background and the level of metabolism of the person using the action, it can last up to 2-3 full weeks (half-life - 6-7 days), which eliminates the need for frequent injections.

Effects of Testosterone Depot 250:

• A large increase in muscle mass;

• Growth of strength indicators;

• Increased endurance / performance;

• Improved recovery;

• Increase of general vitality;

• Increased desire to train;

• Pumping of muscles;

• Reduction of joint pain;

• Increased libido.

Reviews this Testosterone Depot produced by Bayer Schering Pharma (Germany) describe as a good drug, suitable for athletes of different levels of training. As you know, testosterone is effective not only when used in combination (it works well with almost any other anabolic and androgenic steroids), but it also can provide visible improvements in solo, being the basis of the course.

Can there be side effects due to Testosterone Depot? There are some risks. In particular, the athlete may encounter estrogenic or androgenic disorders (the first include fluid retention, hypertension, gynecomastia in men, the second - acne acne, increased aggression, sebaceous skin, strengthened face and body hair). Also likely to decrease their own testosterone.

In this regard, mandatory post-course therapy, which may include tamoxifen or clomiphene. In the course (especially if it is combined), Proviron may be needed to minimize side effects.

Testosterone Depot 250 Recommended storage conditions: Closed steroid bottle is recommended to store at a temperature no higher than room temperature; The storage location must be completely dry and dark, out of the reach of children and pets.

Testosterone Depot (enanthate): course of application

For use in sports, this drug can only be recommended to men. It is not advised to women for reasons of strong androgenic action, as a result of which the effects of virilization (viral syndrome) can develop. Athletes who use testosterone drugs run the risk of encountering violations such as coarsening of the voice, increasing the jaw, and coarsening the voice.

For men, the dosage of Testosterone Depot (enanthate) is recommended within 250-750 mg per week (periodicity of use - usually no more than 1-2 times per week). In accordance with the level of preparation of the data, the doses should be more than enough for the development of the physical form (from the increase in strength to weight gain). Overestimated doses are in turn not only irrational, but also dangerous in terms of side effects.

Since the concentration of the active substance in the preparation is convenient, complications with its dosing should not arise. It is almost impossible to make a mistake, because for a recommended dosage of 250-750 mg exactly 1-3 ml of the drug is necessary (1 ml for a dosage of 250 mg, 2 ml for 500 mg, 3 ml for 750 mg, respectively).

Examples of combined courses:

With methandienone and / or nandrolone decanoate for a larger set of muscle mass, increase strength, appetite and endurance. This is a bunch of strong enough steroid drugs, so the side effect can be significant. It requires not only post-course therapy, but also the use of auxiliary pharmacology during the course (in the course itself, anastrozole as well as placeolone may be required).

The course of application of Testosterone Depot together with boldenom, turinabol or stanozolol in turn can be recommended to a beginner athlete, who is afraid of manifestations of side effects. These are effective and, at the same time, moderately safe combinations for muscle growth and increase in strength indicators.

If the course of Testosterone Depot 250 causes you difficulties, it is better to get advice from an experienced specialist. You can do this at the Forum of our resource, where the questions of the visitors are answered by the consultants (from the doctor to the coach for the BB).

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