• Ibutamoren 60х15mg (MK 677)
(MK-677) IBUTAMOREN is an oral stimulator of growth hormone secretion, originally developed by Reverse Pharmacology. The secretion is carried out by the substance through chemical signals to the pituitary gland. In other words, the substance can be compared with peptides such as GHRP-6 or GHRP-2 that do not require injection and do not have any side effects inherent in the aforementioned peptides. The drug was developed in order to combat such effects as loss of muscle mass, obesity and osteoporosis. It was also used to treat hip fracture and underwent many studies before its use in humans was approved.

Effects of the substance:

- Increased GHRH (Somatotropin-releasing hormone)
- GHRH signaling amplification in somatotrophic receptors of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.
- Decreased level of somatostatin, interfering with the production of GHRH.
- Inhibition of somatostatin receptor signals.

(MK-677) was designed to use all four of these mechanisms. A dose-dependent effect was found.

In a study on the effects on catabolic processes, an oral dose of 20 mg once a day showed a significant improvement in appetite and fat loss in people who underwent a short-term diet that caused depletion in the body of nitrogen. After 7 days of this dosage, subjects showed a steady increase in the serum concentration of IGF-1 and growth hormone; It turned out that the drug tremendously affects the improvement of overall health and is great for treating conditions associated with loss of muscle mass.

Tests of the anti-obesity drug test showed an increase in muscle mass with loss of visceral and subcutaneous fat. The experiment was 8 weeks. The test subjects showed significant acceleration of basal metabolism after 2 weeks, and an increase in serum levels of GH, IGF-1 and IGF-1 binding protein-3. By increasing the muscle mass of the body, a hypothesis has been put forward that this is due to an increase in glycogen storage in the muscle tissue and an increase in appetite along with catabolic processes in adipose tissue.
Increases the amount of energy consumed by muscle tissue.

Increases muscle dislocation. Increases strength.

· Accelerates the recovery of the body.

· Improved health.

· Cardarin does not cause side effects and does not contribute to damage to liver cells

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Ibutamoren 60х15mg (MK 677)

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