• Cerebrolysin injection 5 ml x 5 vials 1076mg

 The drug Cerebrolysin at maximum doses of 10-50 ml should be administered by slow intravenous infusion, having previously performed dilution with a standard solution to a volume of 100 ml.
 Duration of intravenous infusion is 15-60 minutes. Standard solvents: Ringer's solution; 0.9% NaCl solution; 5% glucose solution.
The ready infusion solution is chemically and physically stable at room temperature (about 20 ° C) throughout the day.
From a microbiological point of view, a solution of infusions Cerebrolysin is recommended to be administered immediately after cooking.
The optimal course of therapy is 10-20 days of daily administration of the Cerebrolysin solution.
Recommended daily dosages of the solution Cerebrolysin: for injuries of the brain - 10-50 ml; in neurodegenerative diseases,
organic pathology, metabolic disorders of the brain - 5-30 ml; with complications of stroke - 10-50 ml; with neurological pathology in children - 1-2 ml.
After the initial course of therapy, the frequency of administration of the solution Cerebrolysin can be reduced to 2-3 times / week. Between therapeutic courses it is necessary to take breaks (at least the duration of treatment).
The standard dose of Cerebrolysin for children over the age of six months is 0.1 ml / kg body weight (maximum - 2 ml / day). Instructions for healthcare professionals:
When administering a solution of Cerebrolysin via a continuous intravenous catheter, it must be washed before and after infusion with a 0.9% NaCl solution; to inject Cerebrolysin from the vial / ampoule immediately before use; a single fence of the drug Cerebrolysin from the vial / ampoule is allowed; only a clear solution of Cerebrolysin amber color can be used.

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Cerebrolysin injection 5 ml x 5 vials 1076mg

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