• TESTEN (testosterone enanthate) 300mg/ml

Testosterone Enanthate is a popular steroid drug that helps to gain muscle mass and significantly increase your physical abilities to athletes. It is actively used not only in bodybuilding, but also in powerlifting, as well as it is often used in heavy sports. The main quality of this remedy is an essential set of the total body weight, which is determined by the retention of liquids and the phenomenon of recoil after the completion of taking this medication. But if you follow all the recommendations and build a course correctly and after the course therapy, then the rollback can be minimal. You can buy Testosterone Enanthate in any store that sells sports pharmacology, but on our website prices are much lower than retail prices.


Testosterone Enanthate helps to increase the total body weight and improves physical abilities of athletes. It increases the level of sexual activity. This product has a high efficiency and a high-quality effect on the body, which improves the growth of muscle mass.

Adverse Reactions

If Testosterone Enanthate is used incorrectly or if it is used at too high a dosage, there may be side effects such as fluid retention, increased pressure and aggressiveness, and a significant retracement after the completion of the steroid course.

Recommendations for use

Use Testosterone Enanthate should be when choosing an individual dosage, which depends on the health status and experience of taking sports medications by the athlete. Testosterone Enanthate can be used as it solo a course, and in a combination to other steroid preparations. It is perfectly combined with Nandrolone and Methane, when used in conjunction with Testosterone, the effectiveness and effectiveness of the entire steroid course increases. To put this tool is necessary for 1 ml every three days, together with Nandrolone, the dosage of which is 1 ml every three days, as well as with Methane, 40 mg daily. The duration of this course is 1-1.5 months. But to choose an individual dosage it is better to consult a specialist who will select the necessary dose for the most effective course.


Testosterone Enanthate provides an increase in strength and muscle mass, but its downside is the likelihood of recoil after completion of the course. To prevent kickbacks, athletes recommend taking special medications during and after the course to preserve the results achieved.

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TESTEN (testosterone enanthate) 300mg/ml

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