• MASTORIN 60x20mg  (S23)
Mastorin (S-23)

Was a real gift to athletes on the eve of the next competitive season. This Sarm (selective androgen receptor modulator) is the most suitable for receiving during the period of intensive pre-competition preparation. The drug contributes to the collection of high-quality "corrugated" muscles, speeds up fat loss, gives muscles the density and completeness of the lines, envelops them with "web" of veins, in a word is ideal for both the competing athlete and the ordinary "beach boy" who wants to clean up before leaving hot countries. And most importantly - all this can be achieved without AAS, thyroid hormones, and, mind him, dinitrophenol.

S-23 selectively interacts with receptors of skeletal muscle, adipose and bone tissue. Due to this selectivity, the effect is achieved without testosterone-determined side reactions in the form of prostatic hyperplasia or androgenic alopecia. By binding to the corresponding receptor site, the drug molecule stimulates RNA synthesis using DNA as a matrix, as a result, the synthesis of contractile and motor proteins is activated, lipolysis is accelerated with the release of fatty acids, which in turn are used as an energy substrate for ATP synthesis.

gain quality muscles;
stimulation of the process of splitting fats to fatty acids and the involvement of the latter in energy exchange;
increasing aerobic and anaerobic (strength) endurance;
increase of working scales;
inhibition of catabolic processes;
recomposition effect (increase in the proportion of muscle tissue with a simultaneous decrease in the proportion of adipose tissue);
giving muscle relief and venous;
increase bone mineral density.
According to the instructions Mastorin take 1-2 capsules per day. The half-life of the active substance is 12 hours, so it is advisable to divide the daily dose into two doses. The recommended duration of pharmacotherapy is 2 months. After a 2-4 week break, you can repeat the course. PCT is not required.

does not cause hyperplasia of the mammary gland, known as gynecomastia or, in a more loose reading, “bitch udder”;
does not cause male pattern baldness;
not only does not provoke prostate adenoma, but, on the contrary, reduces its size during hyperplasia;
increase in muscle mass is achieved due to hypertrophy of myofibrils, and not due to water retention;
the absence of so-called "Rollback" after the course.

Mastorin is still too “young” for Russian-language reviews: as noted above, he only recently appeared on the Russian market. Nevertheless, on foreign sites you can find a lot of positive reviews of users who share the intake of this drug. In particular, its ability to increase muscle density is noted (some athletes even compared it with Winstrol and Primabolan), improve the clarity of relief, provide a desired definition and separation, eliminate excess body fat without “sucking” water into the muscles (which is explained by the lack of interaction drug with estrogen receptors and progesterone).

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MASTORIN 60x20mg (S23)

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