• Methandienone  100/10mg
Metanedienone ZPHC is an anabolic steroid in tablets, which is an analogue of testosterone, but has a low androgenic activity. The drug contributes to the rapid set of body weight due to the active substance - methandienone.

Pharmacological effect
The active substance enters directly into the cell nucleus, where it stimulates metabolic processes and activates the production of protein, which contributes to the growth of muscle mass.

However, there are other positive effects:
Increase endurance;
Increase strength;
Accelerating the recovery of the body.

The average weight gain is 2 kilograms for 7 days, but may vary. At the end of the course, experienced athletes are advised to take Tamoxifen or Clomid, as well as aromatase blockers, to reduce the "rebound". Which PCT to choose is up to you. More information about this can be found on our forum.

Dosage and use with other drugs
The solo course is held for two weeks. For beginners, it is not recommended to exceed the rate of 30 mg per day. If you decide to buy Methandienone ZPHC, take it in the morning and evening. Best on an empty stomach and with ordinary water. Over time, it will be possible to increase the dose to 50 grams per day, but you should not rush into it.

 Many newbies use the Methane solo course. It is great for entry level. If desired, it can be combined with injectable anabolic steroids - Decoy or buy Sustanon. But it is recommended to first consult with a trainer or doctor if experience is not enough.

Possible "side effects" and contraindications
At observance of the specified dosage no side effects are observed. However, if it is significantly exceeded, there is a risk of harm to the liver and heart. The drug is generally not recommended for people who have problems with the cardiovascular system and liver pathology.


Compliance with the rules and competent combination with other drugs - the key to a good weight gain and minimal recoil. Price Methandienone ZPHC specified in the description and is relevant.
The drug is already available to order! 

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Methandienone 100/10mg

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