Anti-anginal drug, belongs to group of the peripheral vazodilatator exerting impact mainly on venous vessels. The mechanism of effect of nitroglycerine is based on ability to release nitrogen oxide, being the endothelial running-down factor. On the basis of effect of nitrogen oxide (increases concentration of a cyclic guanozinmonofosfataza in cells), penetration into smooth muscle cells of calcium ions is slowed down that causes relaxation of unstriated muscles of a wall of vessels and their expansion. As a result of it preloading (venous return to heart) and an afterload (systemic resistance) decreases that reduces need of a cardiac muscle for oxygen. Reduction of return of a venous blood reduces filling pressure, normalizes supply with blood subendocardial layers and pressure in a small circle of blood circulation.

Expansion of coronary vessels is resulted by redistribution of a coronary blood-groove in the area with insufficient blood supply. Nitrospray (nitroglycerine) lowers a sympathetic tone of vessels, at the same time, the vascular component of a pain syndrome is oppressed. Drug weakens cells of smooth muscles of bronchial tubes, a gall bladder, urinary tract, a gullet, bilious channels, intestines and their sphincters.
Drug is quickly absorbed from a surface of mucous membranes, reaching therapeutic concentration in blood within several minutes. Communication with blood proteins makes about 60%. It is removed with urine.

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