• Oxymetos 25 (oxymetholone) 25mg 100 tab

Active substance Oxymetos - Oxymetholone This steroid was synthesized by the American company Speshil Synthesis for pharmacological use. Later, the drug was approved by the Federation of Medicine and hit the market. His appearance was noticed by bodybuilders. The result of the steroid was shocking.

Oxymetos is a real breakthrough in the field of sports pharmacology. The uniqueness of this drug lies in the fact that it does not aromatize in the body and does not possess estrogenic activity. But at the same time it can affect the metabolism of estrogen structure, thereby changing hormones.
Oxymetos Action

Oxymetalone affects the body not at the cellular level. As soon as it enters the blood, the action of the drug begins. Hidden anabolic resources are launched. All the strength of the body rushes to keep a powerful anabolic effect. At the same time, the increase in mass is just crazy. Training takes on a powerful explosive character. Oxymethos is an excellent way to increase your strengths and become a more vivid athlete compared to other athletes.
How to take oxymetholone Pharmacom Labs

Typically, Oxymetos is often used on a solo course. In this case, he gives a set of mass and an extreme growth of force indicators. 7 kilograms of quality muscle, taking into account a rollback on the course of oxymetosis - a common indicator.
Doses of Oxymetos can range from 50 to 300 milligrams per day. It all depends on your experience and individual tolerance of the components of the drug.

In tableted form, oxymetosis is created with the calculation of 10 milligrams of active substance per tablet. This greatly simplifies the dosage.
Bulking courses are often done in combination with the following drugs



Testosterone and all its ethers

To reduce the estrogenic activity, use stanozolol. Experienced athletes often combine Oxymetos with Oxandrolone. This course gives a more tangible result. True, everything depends on the individual perception of the drug.

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Oxymetos 25 (oxymetholone) 25mg 100 tab

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