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Oxymethalone is characterized by a rapid increase in body weight, as well as a sharp jump in power indicators. This steroid gives a very good fullness "pamp" during exercise, sometimes fullness can even be painful and it seems that your skin is about to burst.

The bulk of the body during the intake of oxymetalon is added due to the delay of the liquid, therefore, at the end of the intake of this steroid should be a sharp rollback.

There is an opinion that oxymetalon is very toxic to the liver, but in reality everything is completely different. many also believe that oxymetalone is a progestin - it is a delusion, this steroid is a derivative of DHT.

The dosage of the oxymetalon is selected individually, as a rule, they start from 50 mg per day, the average dosage is 150-200 mg, but there are athletes who exceed this dosage several times.

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Oxytin - 50mg 100 - 200tab

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