• PCT+ 60 tab x 945mg

PCT+ (Tribulus; Yohimbine; Arimistane; Fenugreek; MACA; Silybum)

A complex of five plant extracts and an anti-estrogen protector of Arimistan. The name refers to the English-language version of the naming after the course therapy: Post cycle therapy.

Normalizes the production of their own testosterone.
Supports libido functions.
Minimizes the phenomenon of rollback.
Activates cognitive abilities.
Reduces the effect of cortisol.
Positively affects the liver.

The active effect of the presented preparation of post-course therapy is mainly provided at the expense of Arimistan. This component prevents the aromatization of testosterone in estrogen, which reduces the likelihood of feminization. In addition, the production of the stress hormone is suppressed.

Vegetable components included in the composition also have a positive restoring effect on the athlete's body. In particular, yohimbine is known for increasing work capacity and increasing libido, and also has a lipolytic effect.

Take 1 capsule after breakfast and lunch. The recommended course is 4-6 weeks.

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PCT+ 60 tab x 945mg

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