• Testosterone Enanthate 200 mg/ml
  • Trenbolone Enanthate 100 mg/ml
  • Nandrolone Decanoate 200 mg/ml

PharmaMix-3 is a powerful mix of steroids released by the pharmacological company PharmaCom Labs, based on: trenbolone enanthate, nandrolone decanoate and testosterone enanthate. Remarkable drug is primarily a long and strong effect, as well as a lot of positive properties and effects that appear during the course.

Please note: new batches of drugs from PharmaCom Labs are equipped with a special anti-counterfeiting system. This protection is based on the introduction of the code on the official website and obtaining confirmation of the originality of the goods. The verification code is under the protective layer on the label. In turn, the label is attached either to the jar of the drug, if it is in injection form, or on a blister with tablets. It is important: such a system of protection appeared only on new lots of products, in earlier batches it was not yet available.

If you bought the drug from PharmaCom Labs from us, then having wiped off the protective layer and entered the code at pharmacomlabs.com/code, you will be able to get confirmation of the originality of the product:

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