• Testosterone PHENYLPROPIONATE 50 mg/ml
  • Testosterone CYPIONATE 200 mg/ml
  • Boldenone UNDECYLENATE 200 mg/ml

PharmaMix-1 (450 mg / ml, 10 ml) from PharmaCom Labs (PharmaCom) is a composite steroid drug containing 3 steroid effective for sports use: boldenone undsilenate, testosterone cypionate and phenylpropionate. The manufacturer himself describes the drug as a working mixture for a set of muscle mass, with an optimal balance of useful and side effects, equally recommended for beginners and experienced athletes.
PharmaMix-1: detailed reviews and description

As a composite preparation, PharmaMix-1 possesses all the effects of its steroids: on the course it effectively contributes to anabolic and prevents catabolic processes (promotes recruitment and prevents the destruction of muscle mass). But the action that is valuable to athletes is not limited to this, because the force, endurance and efficiency of the employer also develop.

Additional effects of PharmaMix-1 from PharmaCom Labs include the possible enhancement of pumping, aggression, appetite and libido, fat burning, increased venous muscle outline, even the development of secondary male sexual characteristics due to androgenic properties of steroids.

Who recommends PharmaMix-1 for sports? Representatives of virtually any physical sports. Due to a wide range of effects, a composite steroid (mix of steroids) induces results from the development of musculature in bodybuilding before increasing the power potential in powerlifting.

Who exactly is not recommended PharmaMix-1, so it's for women. Due to the inherent properties of the drug androgenic properties, the athlete risks to face virilization (side effects like acne, aggression, hair and more critical).

Possible side effects of PharmaMix-1 for men: androgen, - from acne to baldness, and estrogen, - from fluid retention to gynecomastia. It is important that, if observed, the side effects are rare and mild, not actually overlapping the benefits of the drug.

Reviews PharmaMix-1 (450 mg / ml, 10 ml) underground manufacturer PharmaCom Labs describe mainly laudatory. Ambiguous opinions, if encountered, are usually the result of mistakes made during the preparation and implementation of the course of application, in the training program or nutrition of athletes.

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