• Reverol (SR 9009) 30tab 15mg


The drying process for weight lifters is much faster if you use fat burners during a diet. The drug Reverol SR-9009 - an effective tool for reducing body fat. High efficiency of the reverol SR-9009 is associated with the interaction of the active component with the regulatory molecule Rev-ErbA, as well as stimulating the synthesis of new mitochondria - energy cell stations.

Action and rules of use

The Reverol SR-9009 fat burner works only on fat deposits, so even serious loads do not lead to loss of muscle mass due to catabolism. The tool has other useful properties:

increases stamina;
Helps reduce cholesterol;
accelerates the overall metabolism.

Reverol SR-9009 is taken half an hour before training, one capsule per day. In days off from exercise, do not interrupt reception: the capsule is recommended to be consumed within an hour after the first meal. To athletes, whose weight exceeds 85 kg, nutritionists recommend increasing the dose to two capsules (the second is consumed 60 minutes after breakfast). The duration of the course is from 8 to 12 weeks, so it will be convenient to buy two or three packages of Reverol at once. The pot contains 30 capsules.

Reverol (SR 9009) 30tab 15mg

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