Store reviews

VSI 16/10/2018

Know this store from beginning when they moved to pharmacity, from first oder realize, does are my boys. Always loyal and never mug their customers......

Fabrizio Perrotta 11/10/2018

piazza santa croce 25 rosso firenze ristorante boccadama..

MiguelPortugal 01/12/2017

Nice place to buy meldonium, everything is fast and nice support.Thx will buy again!..

A.Mantua 26/06/2018

Paid with bitcoin through email communication. Is the real deal!..

Hkk 05/09/2018

Great and efficient service to Hong Kong. Packaging and delivery was perfect. I am going to be a regular customer. Good job...

Corey 30/10/2018

Got one product in my order changed to same from oher brand, everything was fine, the one was out of stock...also always responsive seller...

Danilo IT 01/11/2018

Thank you, your store is excellent..My best shop till now, definitely will buy again!..

Alina 30/07/2018

Very friendly seller and fast shipping to Germany. I will buy again! Thank you...

Jassim 07/02/2018

Great guys, they can find solution in eny difficulty.Have orderd products to UAE, Abu Dhabi.Delivery was about 1 week, Thx guys!..


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