TURANABOL ("Turinabol")  100tab x 10mg 

This anabolic steroid, similar in its molecular structure with methandrostenolone. Patented in 1961 in the GDR (German Democratic Republic). One of the most studied drugs, because over 10,000 East German athletes were subjected to experiments.

At some time it began to be forgotten, but at the moment it is a hit in the US market. Conditionally it can be said, the crowds stand to buy turinball. This is due to high efficiency, relative "softness", ease of use (tablets), and a low spectrum of side effects, which, if observed with adequate dosages, have not been identified in practice.

By action, turinabol frankly resembles danabol (methane). Increases strength, endurance, speed, which caused great excitement among athletes who want to improve their sports capabilities and performance.

Turinabol, unlike its brother methandrostenolone, does not have such pronounced side effects, namely, water retention and high toxicity to the liver. Although many and assure the opposite, but with adequate dosages of colossal harm on the liver, practice was not recorded!

In view of its "lightness", athletes actively used athletics. Perhaps the most common doping among runners (sprints), swimmers, later fighters, who are also important speed, strength, endurance. The drug is still popular and the most used among athletes, where the physical condition is important without the side effects of methandrostenolone in the form of water retention.

Many also note a marked increase in libido when using turinabol. In this connection, the big fans of slang called the drug "Sex Drugs". Athletes simply could not think about training at the time of use screaming turinabol. Obviously, if the sports regime is observed and pharmacological support is used, sexual activity increases many-fold. This is directly related to an increased hormonal background.

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