• TURINABOLOS 10 (turinabol) 100 tab

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  • Chemical name: 4-chloro-17b-hydroxy-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-dien-3-one
  • Formula: C20H27O2Cl
  • Anabolic activity index: 180 %
  • Androgenic activity index: 50 %

Turinabolos 10 (Turinabol) (chemical 4-chlorohydromethyltestosterone) is an anabolic steroid, which is close in effects and chemical structure to methandrostenolone.

Turinabolos 10, belongs to a series of steroids, which are manufactured by the Moldovan pharmaceutical company PharmaCom Labs. It is available in tablet form and is practically not prone to aromatization.

It is used to increase strength and increase muscle mass. The main active ingredient is turinabol. Anabolic activity is 180% of testosterone, and androgenic activity is only 50%.

It was created in order to obtain a mixed combination of methandrostenol with oxandrolone, thus reducing the likelihood of undesirable effects and providing the necessary anabolic effect. Turinabolos 10, has the lowest percentage of adverse reactions, since chlorine molecules are added to the basic composition and it is not prone to aromatization.

Steroid is highly valued in various sports, including power and bodybuilding. The effect does not come immediately, but the results are impressive. It is well suited for building up dry muscles, while the percentage of side effects is minimal. It is used in tennis, football, swimming and other sports to increase endurance and strength.

The course Turinabolos 10, very well suited for beginners. Its effect is slightly slow, so during the course of the indicators are not large, but after its completion, everything changes significantly, the results are much better than with high-speed drugs.

Correctly formulated course and observance of all recommendations, ensures the growth of strength and endurance indicators, stimulation of the production of free testosterone, increase in the amount of muscle mass, which reaches 6 kilograms per course.

When taking the drug, there is also a decrease in the production of SHBG - globulin, which binds the sex hormones and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Steroid well affects the bone system, strengthening it and saturating the bones with calcium. Turinabolos 10, burns subcutaneous fat and forms a relief, makes the muscles more firm and stiff.

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TURINABOLOS 10 (turinabol) 100 tab

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