• Radium (RAD 140) 60 tab.10mg

Radium (RAD-140) from the company WestPharm - a new word in sports pharmacology. A non-steroidal muscle growth generator with a high anabolic potential, provides rapid mass gain without side effects. At the same time, it accelerates the burning of fats, increases endurance, increases speed and strength, strengthens ligaments, joints and bone tissue.

The anabolic state of the body is the dream of any athlete, but many are afraid of the side effects of steroid courses. The Radium solves this problem. The innovative drug belongs to the SARM group, selective androgen receptor modulators, and the key word here is selectivity.

Radium selectively activates androgen receptors in muscles and connective tissues (fatty, bone, cartilaginous). On the receptors of androgens in the sex glands and in the endocrine organs of SARM, RAD-140 acts differently - partially blocks, which eliminates the risk of negative consequences of the anabolic course. In this specificity lies the secret of high efficiency combined with an excellent safety profile.

How to take the Radium?

During the period of muscular mass, the recommended dose is 10-20 mg / day, the course duration is 8 weeks.

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Radium (RAD 140) 60 tab.10mg

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